LØVSETH+PARTNER | Competitions


Telemark Art Center

Location: Skien

Client: Skien Municipality

Winner draft 2009, rebuilding realized


Added buildings and rebuilding of older bank buildings to art exhibitions.


Apartment blocks at Ensjø

Location: Oslo

Client: Skanska and FERD

Draft 2009


Greater residential project for Ensjøbyen


South Sami Center


Location: Snåsa Municipality

Client: Statsbygg

Draft 2007


Museum buildings for South Sami culture.


Førde Art Museum


Location: Førde, Sogn and Fjordane County

Client: Sogn and Fjordane County, Førde Municipality

Collaborator: Dyrvik Architects

Draft 2005


Art museum and residential expansion in Førde city center.


Swimming facility in Kristiansand


Location: Kristiansand

Client: Kristiansand Municipality

Collaborator: Dyrvik Architects

Draft 2005


A new swimming facility was planned close to the city beach in Kristiansand



 Bøler Church


Location: Østensjøvannet, Oslo

Collaborator: Reiulf Ramstad

3rd prize 2004



The property is a hill that can be seen from a far distance. At the top are the sacred church rooms, in the floor below the church house and at the bottom is the nursery. The grave chapel is located towards a common church square with bell tower.


Trondheim Square


Location: Trondheim

Client: Trondheim municipality

Honorable mention 2003


The Trondheim Square was going to be renewed without car traffic.


Øystese culture center


Location: Hardanger County

Architect: Lunde & Løvseth

Size: 1.200 m2

Draft 2003


At an old art museum a small concert hall and art exhibition museum was going to be built. The building faces the Hardanger Fjord with a U-shaped atrium with the old museum in the center.


Oslo Palace Square


Location: Oslo Palace

Client: Statsbygg

Architect: Lunde & Løvseth

Winner draft

Project status: Pre-project 1995


The draft is a combination of the current triangular space form and palace architect Linstow’s original rectangular space. After significant negative media coverage from art historians, the project was stopped despite the granting of funding.