We are an architect office, which in recent years has specialized in large housing projects, bridges and transport projects. Many of the housing projects include complex regulatory processes, which has given us experience in cooperating with municipalities and city planning offices. The office has also developed shopping malls and been responsible for antiquarian rehabilitation and greater rebuilding projects. The company’s partners also have experience from a number of reputable public prestige buildings.

On this basis we can therefore offer good architecture, optimal project economics and a professional engineering and regulatory process. We would particularly like to emphasize our partners’ long experience with practical construction, which has given us special insight into constructions, technical coordination, development of building details and additionally, case processing and building site follow-up. Our buildings are therefore technically rational and adapted to industrial production, which implies moderate construction costs. Our long experience with BIM projecting must be emphasized as we therefore develop projects quickly and through 3D visualizations can convey the buildings form.

Our office is used to collaborating with contractors, real estate companies and public contractors, and we would especially want to emphasize cooperation projects with Veidekke, Skanska, Vedal, Sector, Avinor, Undervisningsbygg Oslo, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the University of Oslo.

Løvseth is, in addition to his architectural practice, head of the Architecture Council in National Tourist Routes, where he regularly reviews projects of high architectural quality from the country’s leading architects.