LØVSETH+PARTNERE | Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Location: Stavanger

Competition: 1.st prize open competition 1992

Client: Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Size: 5.000 m2

Architect: Lunde & Løvseth

Prizes: Nominated for EU`s Architecture Award Mies van der Rohe Award

Completed: 1999


Design of the building is a scenographic interpretation of the North Sea oil installations and of the geology of the petroleum: The stone-built main building is a paraphrase of the Norwegian base mountain, where the natural forces have created sediments and deposits to the North Sea through millions of years. The exhibition hall is like a landscape space where the black slate floor illuminates the fossilized slate and limestone sediments in the North Sea seabed where the petroleum is found in a similar stone layer. The 3 platforms are paraphrases of petroleum installations.