LØVSETH+PARTNERE | Regjeringsparken (Government Square)

Regjeringsparken (Government Square)

Competition: 1.st prize open competition 1990

Client: Statsbygg

Architect: Lunde & Løvseth

Prizes: Oslo kommunes arkitekturpris (Oslo Municipality Architecture Prize), honorable review

Completed: 1995


The spaces on all sides of the building with the prime minister’s offices are marked by a square coating as a large carpet framed by monumental light masts. In the center of the square there is a circle of pools and rose beds. The use of archetypal symbol shapes such as square and circle marks the meaning of the space. The placement of the space is like a “woven carpet” with different types of stone slopes. The proportions of the coating are derived from the high-block facades, while the diagonals are inspired by Akersgata and the Y-block`s direction changes in the city plan.